Estefani A. Avila

Legal Assistant 

Estefani A. Avila is a graduate of the University of California, Merced and serves as the Legal Assistant for the Law Offices of Mark T. Harris in Sacramento, California. Ms. Avila is a native of Inglewood, California and born as first generation Nicaragüense-American. She is also the first in her family to have received her Bachelor of Science in Management and Business Economics. During her undergraduate studies she volunteered abroad in Thailand with Growth International Volunteer Excursions where she gained the skills of adaptability, communication and leadership.

Following, Ms. Avila also had the opportunity to internship for a law office in Merced, California during her senior year where she was exposed to Civil and Family law. Her internship required extensive research and reading on Civil and Family law. Upon graduation Ms. Avila served as the Lead for the first Willie Lewis Brown, Jr. Youth Leadership Development Program. Ms. Avila led a team of 12 undergraduate interns and worked with a total of 150 middle school students from Fresno, CA, Sacramento CA and Los Angeles, CA.

Additionally to her education and work experience, Estefani transcended as a student-dancer attainting the position of Co-Lu’au Coordinator for the year 2014-2015, following Presidency during her senior year for her Polynesian Cultural Dance Club, Ohana. Estefani interned at the Office of the Chief Clerk of the California State Assembly and is now working for the Assembly Committee on Public Safety.